2020 Connect

2020 Connect


2020 Connect is the most addictive logic puzzle you’ve ever seen! The player’s task is to place at least four blocks with the same number on it next to each other so they get merged. 2020 Connect takes the best ideas of games like Merged and 2048 and turns it into a total blast. Merging more than four blocks will reward you with coins that later can be spend to purchase cool boosters. Take your time, plan ahead and think for a long as you need to, there is no hurry. Play 2020 Connect now for free! How far can you make it? Will you be able to get the legendary 8192 blocks to merge?

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2020 Connect


Reviewer: Sam B.     Game: 2020 Connect

Of all the subjects I studied in school, math was my least favorite. Once I learned the four basic calculations, I didn't see much of a point in studying it any further; unfortunately for me, that wasn't what the school board believed. So when I found out this game, 2020 Connect had some math elements, I was skeptical. Thankfully, it's mostly downplayed and actually made pretty enjoyable.

In 2020 Connect, you move numbered blocks on a grid. The objective is to make groups of four or more of the same number. When they're gathered, they form into a new block that's a multiple of the blocks combined. You can make as many combos as possible, but once you make a move that doesn't result in a combo, more blocks are added to the grid. You can't move blocks if they're blocked by others, either, so as the blocks' numbers get higher more blocks enter the grid and it becomes harder to make combos until there are no more moves to be made.

All of these make the game fun and challenging to play without getting too frustrating. Those who like math more than me might use it to strategize where to move blocks, but those who don't like it will enjoy this just as much.


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