60 Seconds Burger Run

60 Seconds Burger Run


Get to the bus stop as fast as you can before time runs out! Jumping around platforms may or may not be that easy for you - it may depend on your overly-heavy burger-weight!


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: 60 Seconds Burger Run


Can you get to a nearby bus stop in just 60 Seconds? Maybe yes... but if you're as heavy as someone who's been eating burgers his whole life, you may find it a bit more challenging.  


60 Second Burger Run, as the name suggests, will challenge you to get to the destination in just 60 seconds. You'll be controlling a rather heavy character - heavy enough to break the bricks he jumps on!  



This is your standarded platformer with time pressure mechanic.  The fat burger dude conceit is bit of a twist. 


I rate this game 3 out of 5.  It's fun.


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