A Zombie Storybook

A Zombie Storybook


A zombie storybook. When the page loads, the program will randomly load 5 lines from a list of 52 sentences to form a story. Refresh the page to get a new story.

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Game Title: A Zombie Storybook      Reviewer: Mikayla R.


Can't get enough zombies? What am I asking, of course you can't, so try out this story/game/experience and get your undead fix!


Gameplay: Admittedly, A Zombie Storybook isn't so much a game as a random story generator. But don't let that turn you off because there are many beautiful things to experience in Eric Teo's intriguing premise: each time you refresh the game, you recieve randomly generated lines from his pre-written zombie survivor diary source. This program allows the player to experience over two million unique story combinations.


So, over all, there isn't much gameplay on the outside. But on the inside? This game has a unique way of creating internal gameplay. It pulls on your heart, your mind, your imagination--everything that a game should tug on, this one wrenches back and forth, leaving you breathless and ready for more. It takes silence and makes it loud, and stillness becomes a heart-pounding adventure. It's the power of writing glorified into an experience you can, if minimally, interact with, and that's something to be praised. 


Naturally, though, praise must be weighed with drawbacks. Besides the obviously limited gameplay (which may or may not be a drawback, as I mentioned above), adding a refresh button within the game file itself would alleviate issues with refreshing the entire game from the website it's hosted on, making it easier for players to access and experience the immersive atmosphere without breaking out of it every few seconds. This, of course, may be added in later, as Eric Teo has called his game a "work in progress" on twitter. We'll have to wait and see what changes come our way.


Either way, this game is certainly something to keep your eye on.


Art/Music: If I could wrap myself in a blanket of this art and sip a hot cup of this game's music, I would. Seriously. The music has a soft quality tiptoeing on the edge between melancholy and hopeful; this is exactly what a survivor's mental state would be in the impossible-but-interesting concept of the zombie apocolypse. The artwork, done by Eric Teo's classmate Angela Lee, is a single, simple piece illustrated as a constant in an ever-changing story world. Besides this, the gender-neutral representation allows players of any type to sympathize without barriers. Basically, it's the perfect atmosphere to experience this haunting storybook, and I love every moment of it!


I give Zombie Storybook a 3 out of 5 as a game and a 4 out of 5 as an experience. Altogether, I'll compromise at 3.5 out of 5, but I look forward to any upgrades or changes that come our way. In fact, I hope someday I'll be able to give this a full on 5 out of 5 because so far, its potential is pretty impressive.     


So what do you guys think? Try it out and let is know in in the comments!


You can play Zombie Story by clicking on link below... to see the next page in the Story just refresh your browser => for PC users -- just press your "F5" key; for Mac users click "Command +R".  Enjoy!


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Game Developer: Credits listed within the game or not provided.
Game Publisher: Eric Teo & Angela Lee

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