Airport City

Airport City


Ever wonder what the world would be like if we all had are own home mini-airport and landing strip? Wonder no further -- starting building! In Airport City ... you build a future city full of airports and runways!


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Airport City


Sure, you're used to building virtual cities and farms, but you have you ever played a sim building game where the focus is on building airport runways? 


Aiport City is a social mobile game where you build a city full of residences and runways; airplane runways. 


You start off with one hangar and one runway and start your fledgling flight business. In the begining, have a few homes and a small power source; just enough to run your small community.


As your business grows you earn more income and can expand your airport with more hangars and planes. You can also buy a bigger source of energy for your growing city, which will allow you to build bigger residences to hold more people; and this in turn will generate more passengers for your flights, . You can also build some separate business establishments within your community to satisfy your residents.



I loved the relative novelty of this game -- bringing the concept of airport and airplanes into the popular world-building archetype   I also appreciated how it is easy to understand and play.


Remember it is social game, so it will help to have some friends to complete some goals.  Enjoy.


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