Create a beautiful tank of fishes. Find hidden objects to earn coins. Increase your game level to unlock more beautiful designs, bigger fishes, and more tanks.


Game Title: Aquascapes      Reviewer: Loleata P.


I have enjoyed this game for the most part because I love fish and "fish are friends, not food!"- quote from Bruce, the shark off of Finding Nemo.


Gameplay: Like an "I spy" book/game, this one combines the care of a fish and going through levels to find items in order to earn money. This game teaches responsibility by caring for your fish, and it's helpful if you're a fish owner or need to teach your child to care for a pet in general. Also through the game levels, you have to work to find the items listed, which I can tell you from playing, based on how well the items are hidden, can be a challenge. So it's close to an ideal method of hard work to earn money for items to go into your fish tank and make your fish happy. Also, something it doesn't mention until the third play is that in each level there are shells you have to find and collect; three shells total in order to purchase the items in the shop you might need.


Later, after leveling up and earning money, you can not only purchase more fish but also purchase another tank to store more fish! How exciting is that? Don't forget to clean your fishes' tank, and it even gives you a net if later you decide to sell some of your selected fish.


Music/Art: This little aquarium music is calm and relaxing as you work to care for your fish and do simple things like cleaning the tank or shopping. Though, when you first start a new level, it gives a jumpy and bouncing exciting tune to get you pumped up. All together, it's almost mystical. The art is basic and bright in color, wonderful shades and hues in areas that are needed to help blend objects to make it a challenge.


Rate: A good 4 out of 5 rating. It's fun for not only children but adults too, especially those who like leisure time or who desire to connect with their child on different levels when it comes to spending time. Personally, I would play this game after a hard day's work because it's so relaxing not only through its music but the game play too. Remember to comment and let us here what you think. Thanks for playing!


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