Babyhood Day

Babyhood Day


Help a soldier bring back his childhood memories in this emotional hidden object puzzle game. Help him recover good memories!


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Babyhood Day


Babyhood day is a somewhat-dramatic and emotional hidden object puzzle game which brings you towards the childhood memories of a war soldier. He just came home from war only to find out that he lost his entire family. He now goes back to his home to find what is left.


The game asks you to help the soldier find the things which are most dear to him; most of which brings back lovely memories which he fondly reminisces along the way in each level. The game gives you a list of items you need to find and you have at most 3 hints per level.



The game is tough, emotional, yet heartwarming.

Hidden objects games, create their energy and meaning based on the design of the objects.  I appreciated that in this game the graphics were clear and reasonably easy to find in the beginning levels.  The backgrounds were not too dark and the objects with lesser opacity were not to difficult to recognize. You should not have too much difficulty starting this game.


Do, however, keep an eye on the Find Item List.   If you simply guess at the items without looking at the list, and you guess wrong, you will lose points. 


There are some grammar and spelling issues in the game but the intent and theme of the game makes it easier to give the developers a pass in those areas. Overall, I found it to be an emotionally touching hidden object game.


Here's a short walkthrough of the game or you can click this link to view it:



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