Bake Shop Drop

Bake Shop Drop


Bake Shop Drop is a fun, sweet, and deliciously exciting match-3 game on Facebook. Complete your mission in just a limited number of drops to go on to the next level.


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Bake Shop Drop


Enjoy playing this cute, sweet, and deliciously fun match-3 game that has invaded Facebook. Bake Shop Drop is totally addicting and challenging.


The game is actually very simple. You just need to match at least 3 similar cup cakes vertically, horizontally, or diagonally by dropping a piece of cupcake. Once you've made the match, the cupcakes will be cleared out and the rest of the cupcakes will drop and (hopefully) make other matches for combos!



Your challenge is to complete your mission; denoted on the left side of the game screen; for example, acquiring a certain number of cupcake matches within a limited number of drops.


Once you've completed a level, you move on to the next level for a more difficult mission.


I rate this game 4 out of 5. Simple and fun. The player's goals are clear and the difficulty progression between succesive levels feels right. 


Play Bake Shop Drop and share your experience with the community below.


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