Barbie Ice Cream Parlor

Barbie Ice Cream Parlor


Serve up some hungry fellows in the jungle with some refreshing and sweet treat. Give them the ice cream according to how they want it. Get the target income in the given amount of time!


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Barbie Ice Cream Parlor


Barbie's got an ice cream parlor and the entire forest is excited to taste her sweet treats!


In this game, you need to serve up desserts to hungry forest animals craving treats. Their preferences varies widely. If your forest animal is requesting ice cream, you need to be careful with the order: The flavor of ice cream, the syrup, the toppings; whether a cone or cup all need to be accounted for.  Those forest animals can be very demanding!  Who knew? :-)


Ice cream isn't the only dessert ordered. For example, some customers request popsicles or smoothies.


And serving sweets is not the only thing you need to attend to.  Some times these forest creatures bring dinner with them, for example, a fish.  If the fish gets separated from its forest animal you should try to help get it back for her.  The same thing goes for anything that your forest animal customers lose.  For example, if the "child" of a forest animal starts to wander off, you should help the parent "animal" find their offspring.



When you successfully make the ordered desserts you earn Gold.  Your objective is to earn enough Gold within a limited amount of time -- if you do you will level up.  "Time" seems to elapse very quickly in this game; so be on your toes and try to make your desserts quickly and accurately.  BTW if you make a mistake on an order, the customer will not accept it, and your incorrect dessert will be thrown into trashbin (... and you will not earn any Gold).  So stay sharp.


This games seems to have a little bit of everything. There's pressure and excitement, fun and colors, additional features and game plot twists.  Collectively they make Ice Cream Parlor a bit different than your standard "cooking" game. I rate this game 4 out of 5.


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