Bloons Tower Defense 5

Bloons Tower Defense 5


Prevent the flying balloons to end up entangled in your wind mill. Pop the balloons before they get there. Create your line of defense and plan a strategy that will make you successful.


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Bloons Tower Defense 5


Bloons Tower Defense now has its fifth installment out and it's more fun than ever!


For those who haven't played this game yet, Bloons Tower Defense is (as the name suggests) a tower-defense kind of game wherein you need to protect your windmill from getting entagled of the balloons (or 'bloons' as called in this game) that will fly by. You need to create a strategy on how to effectively get rid of them by placing your line of defense to shoot and pop these balloons.


These "shooter" characters take different forms; there are monkey dart shooters, snipers, etc. Anything that can possibly pop the balloons. These can also be upgraded as you earn dollars and XP (experience points) every level. The upgrades will make it a bit easier for you to pop the ever growing number and variety of balloons coming at you with each level turn.



I give this game a perfect 5. Every level is a quick and exciting! You can even click the 'Fast Forward' button if you're 100% sure that your line of defense is good enough to not let a single balloon get away. Also, the upgrades are not that difficult to acquire. The game's progression when it comes to difficulty is also well paced. Like I said, your "weapons" upgrade ie. variety of "Shooters," concurrent with the sophistication and difficulty of the balloons coming at you - so it evens out -- not too easy, nor too difficult.


I suggest you play this game.  Even if you've already played previous versions of Bloons Tower Defense, you'll still love this one!


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