Breaking the Bank

Breaking the Bank


If you build it, they will come ... and rob it. The most stealingest stickman is back in Breaking the Bank, part of the Henry Stickmin series that also includes Escaping the Prison and Stealing the


Game Title: Breaking the Bank      Reviewer: Mikayla R.


Say hello to my little friend--Henry Stickmin, the guy trying to rob a bank. And, of course, failing on epic proportions.


Gameplay: Breaking the Bank is the first in the Henry Stickmin series, a fantastic episodic collection of choose-your-own adventure games like its younger brother, Infiltrating the Airship. Being the first in the series, it sets the classic tone of ridiculousness that extends throughout the series and, though it's much shorter and rougher than its sequels, is not less enjoyable or hilarious.    


The most important thing to keep in mind when you play is this: DONT' TRY TO WIN. In this game, you only win if you lose in the most spectacular ways possible. Losing IS winning! Plus each ending you get leads into a fantastic new beginning in the direct sequel (Escaping the Prison). That being said, and in the right frame of mind, Breaking the Bank is a short jaunt through the stupid, the fun, and the laughable. And who doesn't like to laugh? Silly people, that's who!


Don't be a silly billy. Because Breaking the Bank has so many opportunities to be better things than silly. You can disguise yourself as a money sack and accidentally set off alarms inside the vault with your victory dance, or transport yourself into a wall instead of on the other side of it, or mix things up by getting run over by an underground train! The possibilities, while not endless, are definitely entertaining, and they have spawned a series that only improves as time goes on.  


Art/Music: In three words: quirky and engaging! It's no surprise that Henry Stickmin isn't exactly the Mona Lisa, but with a game this bent on failing and having fun doing it, I don't think that's what it's going for. Instead, the rough, exaggerated stick men and their muffled, goofy voice acting heightens what this game is all about: enjoying the ridiculous. With that as our measuring stick (get it? stick?), this game is definitely a success.


For it's fun spirit, but rough execution, Breaking the Bank gets a 3 out of 5. But its sequels? Well, stay tuned and see as we play and review more Henry Stickmin! Give Breaking the Bank a spin tell us what you think below in the comments.    


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