Bunny Powertastic

Bunny Powertastic


The Bunny Powertastic Magical Girl needs YOUR help getting ready! Make her look as magical and fantastic as possible... via spil

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Game Title:Bunny Powertastic      Reviewer:Loleata P


This world of bunny-tastical clothes and accessories is just the game you want to play in order to relax and see an even cuter side of life. This game is simple and just so adorable!


Gameplay: This game is literally simple and wonderful and the controls are even better. I was very happy to realize this wasn't a drag and drop dressup game, but rather a click and it dresses your girl. All the clothes are adorable from accessories to the charms and clothes and and the shoes and gloves!


Oh, going on about this makes me want to play it again for its cutesy effect!


Art/Music: The art is your basic anime style and easy colorization. As for the music, it's another amazingly bouncy tune to match the bunny tastic game!


Rate: 3 out of 5 for its over all cuteness and the great set up. It could have had more choices, but it's fun either way and great way to enjoy a wonderful evening spazzing out about adorableness.




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Bunny Powertastic


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