Cafe Land

Cafe Land


Be the most sought-after cafe in town! Cafe Land is a game on Facebook which allows you to expand and grow your own cafe business. Attract more customers by also expanding your cafe's menu.


Reviewer: Cherie G.     Title: Cafe Land


Cafe Land is a cool and crafty Facebook game that will really make give you a sense of how it to run your own cafe.


In this game, you operate a little cafe.  You start with counter, one drinks dispenser, two serving tables, two stoves, one dining table, and four chairs. All you have to do is cook something to serve your customers. People from around town come in and eat what you've prepared. You will then earn coins which you can use to expand your cafe.


As you earn more coins and level up, more cooking items will be available for you. Not only can you expand the size of your cafe, but you can buy more serving tables, more stoves, other beverages, and classier furnishings.


 Soon that "little cafe" is not so little anymore.


I just started playing the game and I think it does a good job of motivating new players to improve their cafe.  There are some real "sticky" game elements that make it hard to leave this Facebook game, for example, how long it takes to cook things like soup and pasta -- a long time. 


The reason why this game has become a huge hit makes sense.  It is easy to get attached -- the deeper you get into it, the more your grow your cafe enterprises -- the more compelling, demanding and fun it becomes. 


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