The government is going to cut down trees in your town's beloved park and you feel the urge to go help and protect it. Solicit donations from people to help raise funds and awareness against the clear-cutting.


Reviewer: Cherie G.       Title: Canvasser


Canvasser is a fast-paced simulation game wherein you take the role of an organization representative for Save Our Wilderness or SOW.


The game starts with a short intro or backstory of the game. You see the news that the local government is going to clear-cut the town's natural attraction - the Evergreen Forest. You decid to help out and raise funds to campaign against it.


Your job in this game is to encourage and convince the locales to donate as much money as they can to SOW. In each level, you are given a quota as to how much you should collect at the end of the day. You are also given a limited amount of time (more or less 90 seconds, depends on the level) to talk to reach your quota. If you can reach that at the end of the day, your confidence will boost. Confidence is important in this game because people are more convinced and will give more depending on how confident your are in giving your pitch.


As the game progesses, your quota will go higher and your alloted time a bit lower. It's starting to get challenging! In case you don't reach your quota, you'll be given a warning. When you do fail three days in a row, you'll be fired by the organization and it's a game over for you.



The graphics of the game are rendered in 8-bit and may not look as pretty as you would prefer. The gameplay is fun but does get a bit repetitive after awhile. I did like the environmental advocacy theme.


Funny just like the locales in the game, I was a bit doubtful if the organization was really legit. Were the funds really be used for the cause appropriately? Did SOW really save Evergreen Forest? Well... that's what you need to find out in the game.


Here's a quick walkthrough of the game. It may seem a bit easy since it is still the first level of the game. It does get more challenging as the game goes on.


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Game Developer: Jackson Lango
Game Publisher: Credits listed within the game or not provided.

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