Cat Balloon Delivery

Cat Balloon Delivery


Uh-oh! Here's a town where the kids are totally lazy to get stuff around. Good thing here's our hero: a cat which uses his hot air balloon to get and delivery the stuff the kids want!


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Cat Balloon Delivery


Cat Balloon Delivery is an online game jam-packed with lots of fun and adventure. The game has a funny and engaging backstory; so well done in fact, that it will propel you to play the game all the way through.


The game is about a town where the kids are too lazy to get the things they want by themselves. Good thing our little friend, Cat, is ready with his balloon to the rescue. Our hero cat thought it would make a great business to cater to the delivery needs of these children by using his balloon.


Your mission in this game is to deliver what the children need and ask for before they become impatient. You need to come up with the number of deliveries needed before time runs out. The difficulty of the level progresses as the game goes on.



What I love about the game is that it's a combination of a lot of good stuff. For one, the time management theme is there.  It adds difficulty (and pressure) to the player which keeps it exciting.  Another notch of tension and drama comes from not only needing to pick up items, but having to really LOOK for them as well. For example, once you click to a location (grocery, school, hospital), you still need to look for the item the kids are asking for, they are not just lying around.  The hidden object aspect of the game is meaningful so it really provides that game within a game dimension. 


You earn coins at the end of each level and these coins can be used to purchase upgrades. These upgrades can help you with your performance in the game. For example, improve the balloon's speed or extend a kids' patience.  Hey, if only I had these in the real world.


Overall, I rate this game 5 out of 5.  Number of traditional game mechanics combined nicely together to make for a challenging and fun game! I highly recommend that you play Cat Balloon Delivery. Of course, the community will be waiting to hear what you say about the game.


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