Chic School Girls

Chic School Girls


Dress up these three gorgeous and totally chic school girls! Pair up some clothes and make them totally fashionable. Read the game's review here:


Reviewer: Cherie G.         Title: Chic School Girls


Help these girls look fab and chic for school with stylish dress-up game.


Chic School Girls gives you an array of clothing pieces you can choose when dressing up the girls. You dress them up one after the other, picking and matching to your hearts content.  When you are ready for showtime, you can see the result of your creativity. Yeah!



Chic School Girls is a pretty straight forward dress-up game. I did find myself looking and wanting more options in the "dresses" category.  On the plus side, I did appreciate how each of girl had a unique (to them) set of clothing to choose from. Check it out and share your thoughts below. 


Here's a full video walkthrough of the game or click this link to view it.


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