Closet Surfin'

Closet Surfin'


Mix and match different pieces of clothing for a perfect beach summer outfit! Line them up strategically to earn more combo points.


Reviewer: Cherie G.     Title: Closet Surfin'


Closet Surfin' is a perfect fashion/dress-up game this summer!


Mix and match different items of clothing by placing them on the board and lining them up until you can come up with the perfect summer outfit.


The game's goal is simple. You need to come up with the level's clothes quote to move on to the next level. Lining up the clothes (top, bottoms, shoes, dress, and accessories) is pretty easy since you can make combo matches if you place them strategically on the puzzle board. The game becomes a bit more complicated in the higher levels where you start encountering mystery cards and blocked spaces on the puzzle board.



The blocked spot on the board is really a bugger since it somehow blocks you (too) with creating combos. Plus, there's lesser room for your clothing items. The mystery card is also a bit tricky since you'll never know what it is. All you can do is just place it on the puzzle board and hope that it contains a clothing item that you expected. If it doesn't -- you will have to deal with it.


I give this game 4 out of 5. Fun, challenging, and totally girly puzzle. Most girls will love this game. Plus, it is summer-themed. You'll get a lot of fashion ideas for summer and how you mix and match these clothes.


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