Cookie Jam

Cookie Jam


Line up colorful cookies and macaroons in this delightfully delicious match 3 game! Collect ingredients to complete the recipe for your cookie orders.


Reviewer: Cherie G.     Title: Cookie Jam


If you're looking for a game that is graphically enticing that you'll salivate looking at, then this new match-3 Facebook game is yout toot sweet.


Cookie Jam challenges you to collect some tasty treats by matching at least 3 of the same colored pastries. You will be able to complete an order once you collect all of the necessary ingredients.  These smaller tasty treats, in turn become ingredients themselves in and even larger desert, for example, a pie or cake.


Similar to other match 3 games, you earn power-ups when you match 4 or more pastries, or if you form a combination in T or L form. These power-ups come in the form of pastries such as cake slices, smores, or cookies! Other power-ups include: rolling pins, wooden spoons, and oven mitts.



There are challenges along the way; like, trying to match pieces to break sugar cones or to destroy the gingerbread man as he slowly climbs up to the top of the pastries. You need to irradicate the gingerbread man or it will be game over for you!  Didn't a Katy Perry music video have the same motif?


Although gameplay-wise this game is bit tired or old-hat; the game's unusual use of elments like the gingerbread man provide a breath of fresh air for this genre. The graphics are inviting and the sound effects are pleasing to the ears.


Match On!


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