Crazy Real Haircuts

Crazy Real Haircuts


This is a hair makeover game like you've never seen! Crazy Real Haircuts gives you almost the exact and real feel of giving a person a brand new haircut. Crazy fun, this game will surely put you through your paces attempting to satisfy all your finicky customers.


Reviewer: Cherie G.     Title: Crazy Real Haircuts


We've all seen and played those haircut or hairstyling games but nothing will ever come close to reality like Crazy Real Haircuts! Take it from me, it's totally crazy.


This is not your normal hairstyling or makeover game, where you just click on the avatar's hair and the application automagically does the cutting and styling for you. Crazy Real Haircuts you do it yourself and get to feel what it is like to be a real hairstlist.



A slight movement of the mouse makes a meaningful difference in the way you comb a customer's hair or cut/shave it. Adding to the fun, the customer will react if you do something really off (or crazy) with their hair. For example, they will give you a look of disgust and disapproval if they clearly don't like what you have done. But even more subtle -- they sometimes give you a questioning look if on there not quite sure what you are doing.


The realism of the game play and the reactions of the customers make this one a winner. I give this game 4 out of 5.


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