Dessert Shop

Dessert Shop


Entice the entire town to sweet, delectable desserts in your shop! Grow your own produce and ingredients and even turn raw materials (like wheat) to processed ones (like flour).


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Dessert Shop


Want to play a fun and sweet game with your friends? Try Dessert Shop!


Dessert Shop is a Facebook game about restaurant management. You (the player) manage a dessert shop that you just opened. The game's tutorial introduces you to the equipment and recipes you will need. Once you have grasped the basics, you start to work on your own, making and baking awesome treats.


The game allows you to expand by buying vacant lots around your shop. You can also acquire other establishments that can help your business like the Chef's Kitchen or the nearby garden. But you can only do that when you have enough experience (XP) points and coins. To acquire these, you need to do your daily work at your dessert shop.


Customers from the entire town will come by your shop and order. That's how you earn money. You earn a bonus if make free goodies available like coffee (since a lot of customers love to have coffee after having, shall we say, a piece of cake).



I love the integrated nature of this game.  You, plant and grow your own raw materials; when ready you harvest them to create your ingredients, and than you use those very ingredients make your desserts. Just as "you sow you shall reap!"  You can plant wheat, corn, and even gather fruits from trees like cocoa. You can get to build a wheat grinder to make flour. You need to gather and store all ingredients so that you can use them when you need it.


For example, let's say you want to bake butter cookies; to get going you are going to need to have flour and eggs. To make flour, you need to gather wheat (when it is grown and ready for harvest) and grind it. Then you have to collect eggs from your coop. Once you have all those ingredients, you can mix them and start baking cookies.  Hot out of the oven, you sell them to hungry customers.


Since this is a Facebook game, it is helpful if you add friends along the way; doing so makes it easier to complete goals and increase experience points. The beauty of this game, too, is that it is continually growing with lots of fun goals to achieve.


Play Dessert Shop and share your experience with the community.


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