Diner Life

Diner Life


Run your own diner or start a chain. Cook and serve a variety of dishes while building your reputation around town.


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Diner Life


Diner Life is the perfect Facebook game for those who love "cooking" or "restaurant" games. As a you might expect from a Facebook game, progress depends on friends.


The player's mission in Diner Life's is simple: Keep hungry customers happy.  Mechanically speaking, make sure serving tables don't run out of food.  Beyond that you get to build both your menu and the number of diners you run.  


You'll need maintain a good reputation so that people will continue to come and eat at your diner. To do that, you need to have enough space and seats to accommodate different customer traffic patterns.  Fortunately, customers can share one table.  For example a table for 4, can accommodate 4 different customers at a time.  In other time management food serving games this is often not the case.



Hint: Remember to keep your restaurant clean -- both the customer tables and your food prep workstation.


I rate this game a 3 out of 5.  


Some items in the "Con" column included some graphics issues, albeit not major.  Perhaps the biggest bee in my bonnet was the games AI.  The main character is not totally in the player's full control. Sometimes, the game's AI takes over and starts "acting" on its own, eg. cleaning the customer tables.  Although this automated action might normally be appreciated, I found that it often "trumped" what I needed/wanted to do at moment.  For example, a higher priority task like cooking or preparing food.  


On the "Pro" side of the column -- the game is straight-out fun and even exciting.  And comes with a lot of plusses.  For example, you don't need to stare at your monitor for hours just to wait for your food to cook or to make sure that there's still food to serve to the customers. You can simply let things cook for long hours (like choosing an items on the menu that will take more hours to cook but will produce more servings). Also, you can stack up some food on the serving table so that you won't be always on the lookout for refills.


I think it is worth the time to check-it-out.  Play it and share your thoughts with the GirlsGames.com community below.


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