Dream Date Dress Up

Dream Date Dress Up


Impress your date by looking exactly how his dream girl should be. Style your hair and dress-up according to his liking.


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Dream Date Dress Up


Ever felt the pressure of impressing your date? Dream Date Dress Up is just the game that will make you relive those moments you're thrilled (or dreaded) to have.


As the name of the game suggests, your goal is to look exactly like your date's "dream" date. He's go a preconceived idea of what he likes his date to look like - and you must look exactly like it from hair color to footwear.



In the beginning, the game is pretty easy. The hairstyles are not that hard to replicate and the combination of clothes to remember is not too tough. However, if you reach the 7th date onwards, things start to get a bit difficult to copy. Each section of your hair starts become a combination of different styles (ironed, blown, or curled) all of which you need to remember. Plus, the addition of hair extensions and other headdresses really start to tax your memory muscles.


I give this game 4 out of 5.  The fun and excitement increases as the stylin details become harder to recollect.  Those boys can be so demanding :)


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Game Developer: Spil Games/Girls Go Games
Game Publisher: Spil Games/Girls Go Games

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