Extreme Roadtrip 2

Extreme Roadtrip 2


Extreme Roadtrip 2 is a completely adrenaline-pumping game! Your goal is to get your beat-up car as far as your fuel will take you. Do crazy moves and stunts to go further and even earn coins, points, and more fuel when you do!


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Extreme Roadtrip 2


Are you in for an extreme adventure? Do you feel a Need for Speed!? Extreme Roadtrip 2 is a cool and energetic Facebook game that can do it for you!


You start by navigating an already-beaten-up, damaged, and malfunctioning car as far as your limited fuel and skill make possible to do so.  With each mission you attempt to go further and to pickup various "power-ups" that approve how far you can go.


The cool (and weird and scary thing) about this game is the more extreme the better.   The higher and crazier your stunts are -- the further you go and the more points you earn while you fly.  Hint: try to "land" your extreme acrobatic moves well, eg. landing on all four tires -- improves your point bonus.



The game cycles quickly. When your fuel runs out, it's game over.  Remember, the more extreme you go in this game the better -- so always try to outdo yourself with your next run.. As it is a Facebook game you can invite your friends to compete. The more friends you compete against, the more challenging it gets.


The game is pretty cool, crazy, and exciting and that is why I give it a perfect 5! Although "traditionally" this type of game is geared towards boyz, this one also succeeds with the ladies.  I think you'll love it. Give it a go and let me know with GirlsGames.com community below.


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