Farm Epic

Farm Epic


Feed the farm animals with their favorite crops! Collect them by matching 3 same crops. If you get enough combos, you'll be reward with amazing power-ups!


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Farm Epic


Here's another match 3 game that you'll surely enjoy!


Farm Epic is a match 3 game which needs you to match at least 3 same vegetables to feed the farm animals. Each farm animal has its own favorite food. You need to make a match of that certain crop and reach the required number of crops collected. This well be shown on the wooden signange at the left. 


For example, the cow loves tomatoes. You will then need to collect 28 tomatoes to satisfy the cow. You need to do that within the given number of moves which vary every level.  See this screen grab here:



What I love about this game that somewhat different than the other match 3 games is that you get instantly rewarded for combos that you make. These rewards come in a form of power-ups. Once you make 2 to 3 matches in a row, the hungry animal will give you any power-up on the board and you can then use that power-up to help you collect the more crops.


I strongly suggest you play this game. I know you'll enjoy it like I did. The power-ups are really huge game changers.  Talk about it with the community below!


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