Fast Food Magic

Fast Food Magic


Customers are very hungry and quite impatient and they want their food to be delivered right away. Throw their food through their windows for faster delivery.


Reviewer: Cherie G.    Title: Fast Food Magic


Fast-paced, intense, and fun – this pretty much sums up Fast Food Magic.


The player acts as a delivery man sending out the food to the customers by their window. There’s only one kind of food to be given away per level so one should watch what the customer orders. If you give the wrong food or if you can’t give the food right away, it’s game over for you.


The game is simple and very fast-paced which makes it intense and exciting. The thought of the game (food thrown through the window) is fun, too, considering that it’s not a normal thing in real life. If you let your children play the game, make sure to make them understand that it’s just a game and remind them to never throw food through the window. Thumbs up for this game!


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Fast Food Magic


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