Feed Me Moar

Feed Me Moar


Feed Me Moar is a fun puzzle game of feeding monsters with some purple goop!


Reviewer: Cherie G.     Title: Feed Me Moar


Love cute and adorable little monsters? You will surely love playing Feed Me Moar. 


After scientist have failed their experiment, what seems like ordinary animals have become monsters. Good thing they don't look hideous! Your task in the game is to feed these monsters will purple goop. Work your way through the course by tinkering buttons, burning ropes and wood, and lifting or shifting levers. You need to make sure that they're not only FED; they must also feel FULL. This usually takes up most, if not all, of the purple goop.



One great challenge of the game is that the purple goop is limited. You may or may not have enough if you just let it flow freely and waste it all away. The key to successfully completing the level is you need to make sure that you have carefully planned out your strategy before releasing or squirting the purple goop towards the hungry monsters. It's pretty tricky; but that's the beauty of this game.


I loved this game thus I'll give it a perfect 5. It is challenging yet manageable enough to go on the entire gameplay. It has this magic of stirring your creative mind to do the improbable and impossible and the crazy things just to let the purple goop get to the monsters; then on later levels, when you're preoccupied with how only a complicated solution will solve the puzzle, you discover Doh!! that the solution is actually very simple.


I recommend you give this game a go. My premonition suggests that you will dig it. As always, whether -- thumps Up/Sideways/or Down don't let the GirlsGames.com community down -- participate, by sharing your opinion below.


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