Forever Friends

Forever Friends


Help two best friends dress up for their day! Choose the best pair of clothes for both of them and make them look good. Also consider what the other one is wearing to make sure their outfits compliment each other's style.


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Forever Friends


What could be a better way to show the world what a great friendship you have by coordinating complimenting outfits with your friend! Forever Friends is a dress-up game which allows you to mix and match clothes for two of the most adorable (virtual) best friends in school.


You need to individually dress your virtual friends up and then start to tweaking them to compliment each other.  Mix and match their outfits for the day - make them look fab individually and as a duo!



The choices (of clothes, shoes, bags, etc.) are bit limited. Also, it felt a little too easy to find a duo match. For example, the first top and first skirt matches with the first bag and first shoes on the selection menu. Same as the second ones, and so on. I would have liked a little more room for discovery, experimentation and challenge.


That shared, the game is cute and pleasurable to play. The girls look great in whatever outfit they wear. So if you're looking for a quick, simple, yet fun game to while away the time, this game is definitely for you!


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