Frizzle Fraz 5

Frizzle Fraz 5


Join the fuzzy-wuzzy creatures for another incredibly fun adventure! Crush mummy rhinos on their heads to stall them, but remember--indestructible barrels are your worst enemy. If you need a break from the Music soundtrack (ie. if you want to turn it off - click on the music note in the game below). ...Via Spil

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Game Title: Frizzle Fraz 5      Reviewer: Mikayla R.


Everyone needs a little more adorable adventure in their life, and this game has it in spades.


Summary: You are a cute fuzzy-wuzzy creature on the search for its smaller, multi-colored puff creature brethren. Save your adorable friends from a multitude of silly, and occasionally terrifying, enemies such as hippos, barrels, lava pits, and mummy rhinos.


Overall experience: It’s not often a mobile game can earn and keep my interest, but before I knew it, Frizzle Fraz 5 had me at level 8 with the determination of an addict.


Frizzle Fraz 5’s upbeat soundtrack motivates the player forward with every level, and paired with tons of the adorable creatures you’re saving from evil flying hippos, leaving the game’s vibrant world is a challenge in and of itself. What truly makes this feel-good game, though, is the combination of simplicity and cleverness in its level design. Sometimes, just when you’re breezing through—or cuddly bouncing through, I should say—the level throws something unexpected and the challenge amps up. This simultaneously keeps players alive with the thrill of winning.


The art, while definitely simple, has a loveable touch to it that will have players squealing “awww” at all times. Rescuing your little fuzzy buddies becomes a personal endeavor. After all, who could let something so adorable stay trapped in the clutches of an evil mummy rhino? Certainly not anyone who plays this, as the simple smile and jump animations make these characters all-around.


Any drawbacks on this game are subjective, though I would say occasionally the game mechanic can be slow to receive input, making the characters difficult the control. This problem is, of course, dependent on the speed and strength of the device a player uses, so this might just be a computer. Still, this con aside, this game is a solid 4 out of 5 stars, maybe even 4.5 just for the character design of the simple, but sincerely loveable and memorable, fuzzy wuzzies bouncing around the screen.

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