Summary: This is an extremely casual role-playing social game where you create an animal character from many different breeds and colors. Once your character is named, you can visit many different maps that offer games, regular chatting, serious role-playing, and much more.


Reviewer:  Emily B.

Furcadia is the first game that really got me into playing games.  The ironic part is that most of it is not very game-like.  There are no quests, no goals, and no specific tasks you need to do at any given time.  In fact, you can spend all day sitting in MyCroft’s bar (an area for social gathering within the game) chatting OOC (out of character) for hours.  I met a lot of neat people this way who dabbled in the occasional role-playing game.  The wonderful part about this game is that it’s a great introduction for people who are not quite sure about open role-playing and how fun it can be.

There is a specific map in Furcadia called Allegria Island where players create “dreams” (additional worlds) that anyone can visit.  These are imaged on the map as individual portals with the players’ names or map titles above them.  Within these maps, games are set up in a virtual world that is completely user-created.  They are built using a programming tool called “Dragonspeak,” which also gives people a chance to dabble in very basic game development.  You can create castles, forests, shops, hotels, and anything else your imagination can ponder.  Then, you can use the Dragonspeak to make objects perform certain commands when something else happens.  Certain events can cause a chain of commands using specific items or saying certain words.  As an example, you could pick up a red pillow and drop it onto a black tile, triggering the event of a secret passageway opening.  Or, you could create a chessboard with functioning pieces.  The possibilities are as plentiful as your ideas.

Within these dreams, you can gather with friends—or strangers—to set up role-playing games with backstory and basic plots.  Most of the games are represented by vast amount of dialogue and action, which makes it feel like you are all taking a hand at writing an adventure.  Most people are very welcoming to newcomers, and Furcadia has always felt like a second home to me.  The Furcadia team is also hoping to launch a sequel, with amped up graphics and new features through a Kickstarter launch.  I recommend checking it out, enjoying, and helping them with their coming sequel!



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Game Developer: Dragon's Eye Productions
Game Publisher: Dragon's Eye Productions

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