Ghouls Night Out, Ghoulia Yelps

Ghouls Night Out, Ghoulia Yelps


Ghouls Night Out is a dress up game to help Ghoulia get dressed for any occasion. Do you have what it takes to dress ghouls girl?


Game Title: Ghouls Night Out        Reviewer: Loleata P.


I have never been interested in anything Monster High related, but in order to help keep you all entertained, I decided to try it out. Guess what? I actually like this Dressup game quite a bit, so I hope you all do as well!


Gameplay: Well, like any other dress up game, you get to Dress up Ghoulia Yelps anyway you want, anyway you see fit. You get to choose hair styles and even go in and change the streak color, how cool is that? My thoughts exactly, so if ventured a little further, you have a HUGE selection in clothes. From tops, bottoms, dresses, and shoes! There's so much to explore, and each outfit comes in a different color.


As you go through this, you get the chance to change the hair; now here is the cool part... you drag and drop right, but it's separated from bangs and stylish mane. Don't forget you can still play with the accessories too!


Music/Art: The music is extremely awesome to go along with this little wicked ghoul. Not only for the rad dressup options you can give her, but also to the clique she properly belongs in. So aside from the music, the art is fantastic! Detail, detail, detail is all you see from Ghoulia Yelps, her clothes, and accessories.


I would have to say my personal favorite from this game includes not only the music but also the outfits and how they allowed them to range in color in order to match the style you're aiming for, alongside the color scheme.


Rate: I would say a 5 out of 5 for this interesting discovery, especially for the selection of wardrobe. That is probably the best part out of this entire little game. Never can have enough style. Please comment, we would like to hear your opinions, and thank you for playing!


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Ghouls Night Out, Ghoulia Yelps


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