Gourmet Ranch

Gourmet Ranch


Grow everything you need to create a gourmet bounty and enjoy eating it on the ranch.


Reviewer: Cherie G.       Title: Gourmet Ranch


Ever dreamed of having your own farm and cooking delicious gourmet food from your very own harvest? Gourmet Ranch is one Facebook game that is holding your ticket.


Gourmet Ranch is mashup of several different gaming genres. It has farming, where you plant different crops and raise different animals for use in your gourmet. There's quite a variety of options. You can plant fruit crops: raspberries, grapes, pineapples; vegetables: carrots, cabbages, potatoes, etc. and even some exotic crops: grains, herbs & spices, salads & beans. You can even grow different varieties of fruit trees.


You can also raise farm animals. You can raise chickens, pigs, cows, turkeys, etc. Plus, there are different types of animals if they serve for more than one purpose. For example, you can raise a chicken for slaughter (for chicken meat) or you can raise one which will provide you with eggs. Same thing goes for cows - either you want one to provide you beef (cow's meat) or fresh cow's milk.


All that you plant and grow, eventually comes to harvest. You then combine different ingredients to make a perfect gourmet dish.  Whether it is single ingredient recipe like a green leave to make a pot of green tea or two or more ingredients, like a cherry and raspberry tart that require -- you guessed it -- both cherries and raspberries.


If you have too many crops for a recipe, you can place them in the fridge or in your trade store where you can sell it to your friends (virtually, of course and Gourmet-Ranch speaking). Same goes for your cooked dishes. If you think you have too many servings, you can either store it in the fridge to serve it later or place it in the trade store for sale.



I genuinely enjoyed the game and am totally engrossed with it. I think the only thing that might seem negative about it is that you need to tend to a *LOT* of things. There's the farm - which does not only mean the crops on the designated land plat but the surrounding trees and animals as well. Plus, you need to take care of the kitchen where you cook and the diner itself -- where folks come to eat. For someone who can't seem to manage too many things at the same time, this game might be a tad overwhelming and a bit pushy to boot.


However, for those that are really good at managing multiple thing concurrently and enjoy that challenge -- this is the perfect game for you!


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