Happy Acres

Happy Acres


Tend your farm, grow crops, and raise animals to provide your town's basic needs. Mill your own flour or produce your own dairy products to increase your income. Keep an eye on timely deliveries to keep everyone in town happy.


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Happy Acres


If you're feeling a little down lately, spark up a bit of happiness with this joyous Facebook game. Happy Acres is a farm simulation game that just makes you happy when you play.


You are given a small piece of land where you can plant and harvest different crops, build machines, and sell your goods to the marketplace. You are also given a delivery truck to deliver orders pasted on your order board.


This game is cool because every crop you plant and harvest can be delivered or sold as raw material or can also be used as an ingredient for a different product. For example, the corn you harverst can be delivered to townspeople (if there's an order), sold to the market, or fed to the chickens (to get eggs). However, you can also visit the mill and use the corn and turn it into a corn flour. This is multi-purposing is true for all the raw products.


As you progress in the game, you unlock new crops, animals, fruit-bearing trees, and machines. All these will help you offer more goods to the entire community and earn more coins. 



What I love about this game is how it evolves your friends.  You can visit your friends farms and unlike other farming games where you have 5 energies (or 5 times) to tend to your friends' farm or feed their animals, in Happy Acres you get a plus! Aside from the 5 energies, you can also help your friend chop down withered trees or clear out the land and earn more XP points. You can also give out gifts and help out your friends with building materials if needed. And lastly, you can hop from a one farm to another and not only help out with their farm but also buy their products in the marketplace.


The publisher's took a risk on relying on players engaging their friends in order to really get any traction in this game. As we all know, these kinds of "need-a-lot-of-friends-to-really-play-games" - raise quite a number negative comments from the game community, but as for me, I still think it works.


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