Harry the Hamster

Harry the Hamster


Harry the pet hamster needs to make it to the other side of the station before a hungry cat tries to eat him. He needs your help arranging pipes to get him there asap.


Reviewer:  J.J.    Title: Harry The Hamster


Harry the pet hamster needs to make it to the other side of the station before a hungry cat tries to eat him. He needs your help arranging pipes to get him there asap.


Harry the Hamster is a puzzle game that tests your ability to think ahead and make path choices quickly.


The gameplay is primarily click and drag. You have to identify, pickup and drag the correct tubes into position such that Harry is able to avoid the cat and get to the other side.  After 60 seconds, the gate is released and Harry starts climbing through the pipes. If you haven't finished Harry's path within 60 seconds, you can still move a few pipes into position before Harry gets to them.  But at that point things get a little "HARRY".... get it ;-) . 



Harry the Hamster has 5 entertaining levels that gradually increase in difficulty. As the game deepens, different types pipes with funny properties begin to become available. Some of the tighter tubes cause Harry to squeeze through in cartoon fashion.  Funny!  Others have springs that will launch Harry through the air. While the animation of what happens to Harry as he goes through these special tubes is fun to watch, there is also a real functional purpose, for example, you can use them to buy you some extra time to arrange the other tubes.


The objective of the games is to get Harry over to the other side with the most efficient - tubing - architecture possible. Though the game does allow you to restart the level if you die, your score becomes lower with each retry. So, if you're going for the highest score, it's best to restart from the beginning of the game if Harry dies early.


Your overall score is based the number of pieces you use and how fast you are able to organize them.


At first, I found the game difficult to grasp, leading to a lot of hilarious deaths for poor Harry, especially when I didn't understand the properties of the pipes. Even when I became frustrated, however, the gameplay really hooked me and I still wanted to keep trying.  With a little time I quickly got better at strategizing.


Harry the Hamster is a unique entry into the pet style of flash game. Thoroughly entertaining, the experience of succeeding in finishing a level is very rewarding, and the challenge to get the best score will draw gamers back to its addicting style of gameplay.  Enjoy!

Reviewer: Cherie G.       Title: Harry the Hamster


Harry the Hamster is a fun and quick puzzle game. This game is best for those who are looking for a game that requires you to solve a puzzle within a limited period of time.


The only downside of the game is it is too short -- it only has five game levels. You will surely beg for more as I did when you reach the end of the fifth level.  That's OK... it is pure adrenaline rush through those five levels.


The goal of the game is to make a tube path that goes from Harry's cage to his home at the other end of the screen. You will need to connect these tubes before time runs out. Once the timer goes off, the gate of the cage will open and Harry will start walking - whether you're done with your path or not. 


If you do not get your tube pathway organized in time, Harry will not make it safely to the other side and will become cat chow.  Meowww!


I give this game 3 out of 5. It would have been better if this game stretched out for a few more levels. Nonetheless, the game is sufficiently challenging and exiciting to make it worth checking it out. If you have played this game, talk about it with the GirlsGames.com community below.


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