Hidden Express

Hidden Express


Find hidden objects within the screen before the entire train passes through the railway. Use power-ups to help you find objects easily.


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Hidden Express


If you're up for a game of adventure, travels, and puzzles - go ahead and play Hidden Express!


Hidden Express is a hidden-object game. And just like any HOG, your goal is to find all the items indicated in the list. However, this 'list' is on a railway or train track and you need to find these items before the entire train reaches the end of the track. Also, when you find the items, the train will be pulled back and if you're fast enough and see the item on the main locomotive, you can easily finish the level and earn even more bonus stars.


The challenge of the game comes in the more advanced game levels -- where you need to find hidden objects on more than one train car  simultaneously and you there more hidden objects one each car to find. 



One thing I also love about the game is that you can earn a bonus and be the "master" of a particular city. To gain that title, you need to score 3 stars in all levels for that city.  Upon achieving this status you will be rewarded with more power-ups.


I will highly recommend this game especially those who love HOGs. The items are not that difficult to find and the game is very easy-going. It's like you're riding the "Hidden Express" so to speak. The adrenaline does get pumping though when you successful find a hidden item and the train gets reset in your favor.  Bonuses along the way help you collect power-ups that inturn are usesful in finding those really difficult to find items.


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