Hidden Treasures Recovery

Hidden Treasures Recovery


Search the islands and bring back the hidden treasure, Refer to the list of items and find all of them before the time runs out.


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Hidden Treasures Recovery


Discover and recover hidden treasures in the islands' secret places and within the ruins in this ultimately challenging hidden object game.


Pirates have stolen these treasures and now that you've defeated them, it's time to go and find where they have possibly hidden them. 


In this game, you're given a list of items you need to find before time runs out. There are also special items you need to find in order to level up.  



The time given ranges from 'just enough' to 'barely enough' to find the items. Sometimes, I find myself running out of time since there are some items which are really difficult to find.


Take for example the image above. You can see that the ambience is quite dark - which I think is right for the theme and story of the game. However, for a hidden-objects game, it is quite difficult to find some of the items in such a dark background. There are also some items which are near-to-transparent making them even more difficult to find. I know that this is part of the challenge. But I found it to be a bit much at times, especially given the time component.


But if you're someone who really loves a really challenging game, then Hidden Treasures Recovery is the game for you. You can check out the video below for a quick walkthrough, or you can click on this link to view it on YouTube:



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