Hollywood Rising Star

Hollywood Rising Star


Work your way to superstardom! Go from one movie audition to another and make sure you look your best. Wear clothes that will match the character you are playing and capture the highest salary for the role.


Reviewer: Cherie G.       Title: Hollywood Rising Star


Work your way up to superstardom in this exciting dress-up/simulation game of a Hollywood-star-wannabe and her do-it-yourself talent agent!


Hollywood Rising Star gives you the opportunity to become one of the youngerst superstars in Hollywood starting with just you, your clothes, and your confidence. 


The game's backstory: You (the character in the game) come to Hollywood with just your suitcase and your dreams. You see an advertisement for and open audition and you recognize you need a talent agent. Since you don't have the money to secure a great agent, you settle for a small-time, do-it-yourself one. And that's the beginning of your adventure.


You start off with just three or four pairs of simple outfits; just enough to win a role in a movie. You have three (3) movie projects in the same genre to audition for. You are given part of a the movie script that gives you an idea on what your role will be like. From that you you choose your character's outfit attempt to impress the entire casting crew.


The casting crew makes their decision based on your proper interpretation of the character's outfit and your general style sense. If you score at least three stars in your casting call, you make it through the audition and earn money according to the casting score you earned. The more stars you score, the more money you earn. With that money you can then buy new outfits to do even better at the next casting call.



If you can score at least four stars in all movies, a new genre will be unlocked. This is a good thing because the more genres you unlock the more movies you get to audition for. You can also choose to audition for a movie more than once -- which you may wish to do, if you want to nail it and earn five stars!


Although the game's narrative is a bit monotonous as this audition-casting loop cycles throughout the entire game; I nonetheless, still found myself enjoying the challenge of trying to earn all five stars in each audition.  I also appreciated how the game makers levered the movie script to serve as a puzzle to be decoded (wardrobe-wise) by the aspiring actress. 


Hint: If you are having difficulty figuring out what outfit to select, you can ask for some suggestions from your agent! I mean... she's there for a reason, of course. She can also give you more clues as to what the casting crew may be looking for. Just know, her advice, comes with a price. Like real agents, you pay them a slice of what you earn.


All in all, I loved this game. I still am aiming to earn five stars in all my casting calls! I love the challenge and I bet you will, too!


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