Ice Cream Factory

Ice Cream Factory


Create different types of ice cream in your very own Ice Cream Factory. Make them according how the orders look like. But you need to hurry up because time is definitely not on your side!


Reviewer: Cherie G.     Title: Ice Cream Factory


If you think preparing and serving up some ice cream is easy, Ice Cream Factory is a game that will surely make you think twice about it!


Ice Cream Factory is a fun, challenging, and also heart-pumping game which brings dessert-making to a whole new level. In thi game, you are tasked with making different kinds of ice cream desserts according to the orders on your list. One wrong move and the ice cream you just made will be burnt to nothing! So the challenge here is to really get it right and perfect (if possible) the first time.



The core challenge is time. You only get 120 seconds (or more, depending on the level) to complete the orders on your list. The pressure to perfect each ice cream is significant. One wrong ice cream creation can really set you back.


I love how this game challenged me. I admit, I had difficulty playing it at first and even ran out of time in just the second level. But like me when you get used to the controls and how to make each desert perfectly, you'll do fine and surely reach far more than Level 2.


I give this game 4 out of 5. Try it and share your experience playing Ice Cream Factory with me and the rest of the community below.  All this talk of ice cream is making me wants some!


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