Ice Cream Stand

Ice Cream Stand


Serve the best ice cream in town with Ice Cream Stand. Kids (and even polar bears!) can't help but line up for your sweet treats!


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Ice Cream Stand


Ice Cream Stand is a food-serving, time management game which allows you to own your own (as the name suggests) ice cream stand and sell sweet treats to kids.


You start off with two basic ice cream flavors (eg. chocolate and strawberry), cherries for toppings, and an ice cream cone. Your goal is to reach the target income before the time runs out. When the time is up and you've reached the target, you can use the coins you earned in refilling your popular inventory; as well as, buying new flavors, toppings, or syrups. If you haven't reached the target, you need to play the level again.


The excitement starts when you get to have more ice cream flavors and toppings and when the customers get more demanding in their orders. As the clock winds down so does the customer's patience and I suspect you'll find it challenging to complete some of the harder levels.



Dislaimer :) I have bias toward food-serving games, ie. I love them. As for this game, I liked how I was challenged not only to reach the target but also to earn more so that I could buy additional stuff for my ice cream stand. The refilling of the inventory, however, did seem to take a bit too much time. I thought that clicking the 'restock' button on the respective trays would easily and instantly refill them, but I found out that I still need to click the 'store' button to purchase stock refills. But a minor ding in my view.  The majority of the game is a true delight!


Here's a quick walkthrough of the game. You can also click this link to view the video.  Enjoy!


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