Jane's Hotel Mania

Jane's Hotel Mania


In this hotel time management game, you play as Jane, an enthusiastic entrepreneur who wants to create a hotel empire from small beginnings. In each level, you ensure your guests’ satisfaction through various tasks, utilizing help from maids and repairmen as well as Jane. You help with everything from checking in visitors to serving drinks and cleaning their rooms after they have left. As levels increase, so does difficulty; however, hard work (combined quality and speed) pays off through different types of rewards you can purchase to make running a hotel a little bit easier.

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Reviewer:  Emily B.

There are so many time management games out there these days that it can be hard to find a good one.  Jane’s Hotel does not disappoint.  A melodious combination of strategy, creativity and simple playability.  I particularly enjoyed the ability to play multiple characters and its non-linear approach to its market system where you purchase items and upgrades.   

Care was truly given to this title and you notice it in the smooth graphics and animations your experience right at game start.  This clear intention to make a special game is a huge contributing factor to the game’s playability, and quite simply, how easy it is to control.  I don’t mean “ease of use” to say that the game is simple—the higher levels of the game get quite complicated and sometimes downright frustrating; as in... I’m-going-to-beat-this-level-if-I-have-to-stay-up-all-night kind of frustration!  Rather, what I mean is that it is intuitive and easy to navigate around and control different characters depending on the needs of the guests.

There is a great reward system in the game that I have seen others try to replicate with minimal success.  As you earn money, you can purchase rewards based on your current needs.  Whereas other games compel you to buy boosts (e.g., powerups) upon the completion of each level, Jane’s allows you to save up your money and purchase higher upgrades or amenities when you actually want to.  Interestingly, the hotel changes as you buy things, and it allows you to evenly match yourself against the ever-increasing difficulty of the game.

All time management games are not created equal.  While others become monotonous and stale throughout gameplay, Jane’s Hotel reimagines the genre with a vitality that has casual gaming lovers in mind.  In particular, I think this title excels in: graphics, ease of use, and its player reward system.  Overall, nicely done and genuinely a fun game that I played for hours.



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Game Developer: Realore Studios
Game Publisher: Big Fish Games

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