Jelly Lam

Jelly Lam


Search for the key to unlock the passageway that will set Jelly Lam free. Use his cool jelly arms to move around or to reach out and collect stars. The game starts off really easy but does get quite challenging in the latter stages.


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Jelly Lam


If there's one cute, adorable jelly game in the web, Jelly Lam is it!


Jelly Lam is a puzzle game where you collect stars and a key in order to to level-up. Jelly is a, well - a jelly, so you can stretch him out wherever you want him to go. You can click on a surface and his jelly 'arm' will stretch out for it.  If you decide you are going in the wrong direction, you can cut his jelly arm loose by dragging your mouse cursor across it (like slicing a jelly "arm").  Don't worry you are not hurting jelly that is how you get him out of sticky situations and help him navigate through the boxed environment.


To collect the stars and the level key, you can either have an arm stretched out to touch it or let Jelly touch it with jelly "head." You need to be carefull in doing so, though, because there may be spikes on the surface. If Jelly touches any of these spike even just for a tiny bit, you lose that game.  No biggie you just restart a new one.


You might be asking, what's the key for? It is actually your key out (pun intended!). Do you see the round passageway in the picture below? The one with the chain and lock? Once you have collected the key, it will automatically unlock and you will be guided to the next level.



The mechanics of the game are pretty easy to grasp but leveling-up is not. The spikes can be tricky to avoid and Jelly's stretchy arms do not always behave in the manner you might expect.  Although cutting them (jelly arms) off is sometimes necessary it also results in jelly bouncing around a bit which can cause Jelly to hit the spikes. The stretching wheel (the left-most round thing in the picture above with part of jelly wrapped around it) can be a great help in propelling jelly through the passage ways, but you need to properly estimate how much wind-up to do to get to your desired location otherwise jelly may over-shoot his target and bounce off the walls and into spikes. Yikes! 


Strategy, control, and logic are the important factors in this game. Some levels are better served by pausing and thinking through the puzzle before moving, others you can just sling-shot Jelly toward the key intuitively. 




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