Jessie: Party Planner

Jessie: Party Planner


Help Jessie plan and organize the best party ever! Move people around to keep guests happy. Do this until every room in the party is totally happy.


Reviewer: Cherie G.     Title: Jessie: Party Planner


Jessie: Party Planner clevely combines two activities -- puzzles and partying!


You need to help Jessie plan and organize an excellent party. You do not need to worry about traditional party planning activites like where to have the party and how to get party supplies there. All you need to worry about is keeping the people in the party happy. Your job is to transform as many bored party goers into smiley-happy-people by tactically distributing specific "happy" people around the room. But, this won't be easy.



You are only allowed a few moves per round. Your moves are also limited to distributing people to immediately adjacent tables. So you really need to move people around strategically and reach the other tables (not easily connected to the tables with happy people). The challenge of the game is to spread the merry-makers (those happy folks) in the least number of moves and rounds as possible.


I give this game 3 out of 5. It takes a while to understand the flow of the game, but once you get it, you'll find if fun, challenging, and addicting.


Try the game for yourself and see how you fare! Don't forget to share your gaming experience with the commnity below.


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