Match 3 same-colored jewels as fast as you can before the screen is filled with it. An avalanche of jewels are falling endlessly and the placement of the jewels change as often as you make matches.


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Jewelanche


Think you've played the best Match 3 game that ever existed? Jewelanche will surely make you think again.


Just like any Match 3 game, the goal is to match 3 same-colored jewels. Collect as many jewels as you can until you can complete the requried number of jewels per level. You can also match a longer chain for bigger points. Easy enough? Wait, not done yet.


There are two things I love about this game that changes the whole thing up.


One, there's "Pandora's Box" which is a total game-changer. Just like the myth, the box is filled with surprises. It can either do you good, or the other. The box just falls like the rest of the jewels and it's up to you if you'll click it or not. If you click it, you'll be rewarded with a power-up or you'll get some kind of a curse that will surely bring you more danger in the game. I think this part of the game is actually really cool because you'll never know what's in it for you. You'll have to second-guess and just hope that it contains something helpful rather than the opposite.



The other thing I love about it is its game physics. The jewels just drops endlessly. Yes, ENDLESSLY! Unlike other match 3 games wherein it increases per line in a certain interval, the jewels in Jewelanche just drops and you'll never even know where it lands. Also, once you've clicked, connected, and collected a match, it will blow up the entire formation. Meaning, the jewel's formation before you made the match may or may not be the same after it. Just like the box, it can go either way for you. Either it can make new (and longer) jewel matches, or it will destroy the match that you've seen before. If you find it a bit too difficult to picture out, you can check this video for the game's walkthrough.


I rate this game a perfect 5. It might sound plain and boring to know that it's a match 3 game (since there are a lot of successful games of this kind) but it just seemed fresh and new to me. I highly recommend that you play this game. You'll surely find yourself sharing a lot about it with the community below. 


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