JoJo's Fashion Show: World Tour

JoJo's Fashion Show: World Tour


In this spin on fashion games, Jojo’s Fashion Show functions as a time management game that allows players to dress three models at a time, organizing each outfit to match with the themed concept illustrated above each virtual model’s head. As you send the models to the runway (before time runs out), you are scored based on how creative you are with your design choices, while also remaining consistent with your assigned theme. Your goal is to consistently produce five-star fashion shows, as you traverse the globe in search of fashion glory.

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Reviewer: Emily B.


For lovers of either (or both) fashion or time management games, the JoJo’s Fashion Show series is one title that should not be overlooked.  JoJo has been my reigning favorite fashion game for sometime.  The graphics are fantastic, the styles are fun, and the game engine that scores your points seems to be very accurate and realistic.  Not to mention, it’s just exciting and addictive.


There are countless styles represented in World Tour, some of which I was completely unfamiliar with.  Who knew “Gothic Loli” was a thing, a sort of Little Bo Peep and dominatrix hybrid?  Still, it adds to the personal creativity of the game.  Sometimes you really have to concentrate when putting together an outfit.  Working against the clock and a limited closet of clothes can be very challenging in this game because each outfit needs to match the style of the assigned theme.   Look for the neat power-ups and bonuses throughout the game to help you consistently secure five star reviews.



The reason I give this game such a high ranking comes down to ingenuity.  Each individual piece of clothing has several specific attributes (lacy, green, leather, fur, stripes, worn, tailored, etc), and every style has a similar list that depicts what it should look like when worn.  Once you piece together an outfit, the game engine analyzes each piece of clothing, comparing it against the style you are supposed to be creating.  Your score is based on how creative your fashion choices are, while still aligning within the instructed theme.  Many pieces of clothing will fit under several categories, and it is your task to find the best match for each style and the subsequent pieces that work together.  You can also gain extra points for specific trendy looks like matching jeans with tee-shirts; however, you’ll also lose points for creating fashion “nos” such as midriffs coupled with too-short skirts.  The game designers who created this game get MY five star approval!  




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Game Developer: GameLab
Game Publisher: iWin Games

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