Kelly's Summer Jobs

Kelly's Summer Jobs


Help Kelly succeed in various summer jobs. There are a lot to choose from! There's a bakery, hair salon, pet shop, and ice cream shop! Just make sure no to disappoint the customers or you'll find yourself getting fired!


Reviewer: Cherie G.       Title: Kelly's Summer Jobs


It's summer time and some of you will surely look for something fun to do. You might opt to get a summer job... or simply play along with the thought of it. If either of these sound fun to you, consider trying this game -- Kelly's Summer Jobs!


In this game, you need to help out Kelly her different summer jobs. You need to make sure to respond to what the customers ask for - and what you give them must be as specific as how they requested it. Otherwise, they'll leave disappointed and angry and you might end up getting fired.  Ohhh My! ;-)


This game, unlike other time management or service games, doesn't have any levels whatsoever. It starts when you choose a certain summer job and ends with 10 angry customers. Difficulty progresses as you go on. The customers will first come one at a time and will demand (ask) for just one thing. Then, as the game progresses, more customers will come together and with more and greater demands.



One thing that I love about this game is that you have four different summer job options. You can get a job at a bakery, pet shop, hair salon, or ice cream shop! Although the jobs are similar the customers' demands differ for each job. I really appreciate, as a player, having several jobs to choose from and think it was smart that the Game Devs made the decision to make it so; it helps keep the game from getting boring or one dimensional.


I rate this game 4 out of 5. It's enjoyable enough to play and the customers are really challenging. I just hope, though, that the game character (Kelly) can hold two things at the same time; for some reason that seemed hard for her to do. But that's just it; no other issues whatsover. So go ahead and try the game and take on this challenge.  Here is to not getting  fired easily!


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