Kitchen Grand Prix with Rachel

Kitchen Grand Prix with Rachel


Learn how to bake cakes with Rachel. Once you're confident enough, you can go for a kitchen battle of speed and precision. Play mini games, too, to earn more points and buy more stuff.


Reviewer: Cherie G.     Title: Kitchen Grand Prix with Rachel


Kitchen Grand Prix with Rachel is a great cooking game especially those who love to cook and bake pastries. 


You take the role of Rachel, a budding pastry chef who wants to learn and practice baking cakes. Rachel aspires to be the best pastry chef in town. To do that, as Rachel, you need to practice baking different kinds of cakes first. You need to use the correct ingredients and follow correct procedure to bake the perfect cake. Once you've learned how to bake these cakes, you can try and challenge some well-known chefs in the city and play the Kitchen Battle mode.



In the Kitchen Battle mode, you need to choose one recipe and bake it as fast and precise as you can and beat your opponent. You will then earn coins and recognition if you win the battle. It also opens up a new opportunity to learn new recipes and battle with other excellent chefs.


This game is totally fun to play. Aside from cooking lessons and contests, you can actually buy and customize other items that could help Rachel in her cooking. You can also buy outfits for her.


I thoroughly enjoyed this game.  Kitchen Battle mode is real a challenge. I lossed some of me early battles more but overtime with sheer determination, I was able to win.  BTW...if you a good memory it helps a lot in winning the Kitchen Battle.


I rate this game 4 out of 5. Try and play Kitchen Grand Prix with Rachel and see if you'll like it, too. Share your experience with the community below. We'd love to here what you have to say!


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