Lost Animals

Lost Animals


The animals in the zoo got away! Your task is to find them, put them back in their cages and return them to the zoo.


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Lost Animals


Help the zoo find the animals that escaped.


Your goal is to find and get the zoo animals back into their cages, so you can safely transport them back to the zoo.

One of the ways you accomplish this is by shooting a ball towards the animal so that they'll roll over and into a cage. You will also need to traverse different obstacles - either pushing a lever, a box, a wheel, or breaking a glass. If you're familiar with Angry Bird, then you will recognize the game mechanics; basically the same gameplay minus the angry birds and green pigs.


Although it may strike some as bit harsh; ie. you're shooting a ball towards an animal to get them into a cage; and that the cage eventually gets transported back to a zoo; the developers made an effort to make a little more warm and fuzzy by tweaking the sound effects and the graphic design to communicate that the animals are not hurt..



I give this game 4 out of 5. Minus 1 for the "harsh" factor broached above . Other than that, the game is a good one. Graphics are clean and the physics are flawless.  Numerous obstacles per level will really test and measure your critical thinking.


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