Magic Foundry

Magic Foundry


Let the magic flow forward! Play Magic Foundry for a magically challenging puzzle game. Move the blocks to clear the way and let magic flow in.


Reviewer: Cherie G.     Title: Magic Foundry


Magic Foundry is a fast-paced, super challenging puzzle game. The goal of the game is to let the magical aura floor through. Irregular-shaped blocks will block the passage as you go. All you need is to move them around in the given space until the path is totally clear. It's that simple!



People might have a notion that a puzzle game is boring; but Magic Foundry is nowhere near boring. It is fast-paced and your score depends on how fast you solve a particular puzzle. It is challenging because the shapes and spaces needed to match appear simple but often are not. It's the complete package -fun and brainy.


I'm giving this game a rating of 3 out of 5. It is fun especially for those who are fond of puzzles. Go ahead and play Magic Foundry. Share your thoughts and comment about the game through our community below.


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