Mini Pets

Mini Pets


Take care of pets and build your own mini zoo! Mate different breeds of animals and create a new specie of pet. Grow your Zoo with more animals and attract more visitors.


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: Mini Pets


Pet lovers will surely love this game! Mini Pets is a dream game for those who are into animals - domestic or wild. 


In the game, you get to raise and breed different kinds of animals. You start with dogs, cats, and then other species including wild ones like tigers and deers!  Upgrade the animals shelters so that your pets stay happy.


Since this is not only a shelter but a zoo, you get to do business stuff too. You can build different animal stalls and concessions like -- balloon or cotton candy stands, to attract more visitors.  More visitors equals more coins. Coins in turn allow you to buy more animals, upgrade shelters, and beautify the entire area.


One thing I love about this game...



You get to create crazy breeds! For example, you can cross breed a siamese cat and a tiger and you will get a gray-colored, tiger-cat as shown in the picture above.  Of course the breed animals need to be mostly compatible in species (like how a cat and tiger are similar). This x-breeding is loco-scientist fun.


So for pet lovers out there, here is new twist! Enjoy!


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