My New Puppy

My New Puppy


Stan brings in new set of friends in My New Puppy. This game will bring you the fun and joy of having a pet dog.


Reviewer: Cherie G.     Title: My New Puppy


My New Puppy is the good game for dog lovers. The goal of the game is pretty simple -- keep your dog's stats full. Your doggy should be satiated, happy, and full of energy.


The game objective is to level-up and you do this by training, bathing, grooming and improving your doggies athleticism.


Graphics and sounds wise, the game is really enjoyable. The graphics are clean, crisp, and fun to look at. The sounds are catchy and upbeat; no ear-deadening audio loops here.  The voice-over is also pleasant and energetic.   These elements in combination with solid game play mechanics make the player feel like she is really taking care of a dog. 


Although there are a number of games categorized as kid-friendly, many of them are not.  Rather they are really more geared for adults/parents.  My New Puppy, however, is one that really does warrant the kid-friendly label.  The rub, this represents a double edge sword as it relates to my personal review of this game.  For me personally, My New Puppy was bit too "kiddy," in fact, and that is why my rating for this game is 3 out of 5.  If you are a kid and love pets, however, I suspect you might rate the game higher.  Try it out and let us know your thoughts below.



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