My New Town

My New Town


Create your own town in this fun game. Customization is the name of the game! Personalize every item in your town.


Reviewer: Cherie G.       Title: My New Town


Ever dream of having your own town? Or have you ever wished you could rearrange and redesign the town you're in now? That's just what My New Town is all about!


In this game, you have the freedom to design an entire town from scratch. It's total town customization at its finest. You can choose which kind of town you like - be it urban, country, or even in outerspace. You can also choose the time of day (eg. morning or night) or the season of your town (eg. summer or winter). Even the background music is under your full control!



What I love about the game is that there are many elements that you can add, change, or alter. You can add buildings, roads or pathways, town decorations, plants, vehicles, and even people! Another thing that I love about the game is that you can change the colors of the buildings. You can choose the color of the windows, walls, and even the plants! 


I give this game 4 out of 5. It may not be something that requires much action, movement, or even thinking, but if you're up for a total makeover game, this game is just pure fun! The fact that the game is fully customizable really helps carry you away into design dreamland. So go give My New Town a test drive and share with community below.


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