New Rock City

New Rock City


Rock the new stone age by building your empire and expanding your territory! Gather resources to grow your city and use old magic to help you prosper.


Reviewer: Cherie G.      Title: New Rock City


In New Rock City your task is to introduce civilization to the concept of a town or city. You start with a very bare terrain filled with rocks, trees, water, and leaves. Those four resources are your core elements necessary to build structures. You will also plant and harvest crops and sell goods at your shops.


In order to expand your city, you will need to build houses, shops, and community buildings around you. Building homes draws a larger population which in turn helps grow revenue necessary to expand your city. Shops provide more reliable and constant income but require you to harvest plants to produce the goods. The time necessary to harvest the plants though is worth it because without goods, you have nothing to sell and you'll will not be able to earn the amount of money you will need to grow your city. Community buildings help you research and create synthetic materials that will help you improve your buildings and other structures within your city. 



Since the game is a social game, most goals or missions can only be completed with the help of friends or neighbors. If you have a lot of friends playing the game, it is easy to achieve goals and level up. Without them, this game is more difficult to play and you may find it frustrating.


The game is fun to play. It is like teaching people from centuries ago how to build a successful community from the ground up! You also discover a deeper appreciation for the amount of work our prior ancestors needed to do to accomplish even the simplest tasks.


Patience and perseverance really pays off in this game -- reap the fruits of your labor and see how much progress you can make.


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